Each one of us in many ways are privileged to lead the lives we currently do. Waking up every day to the challenges of access to basic nourishment, an extra set of clothes to change into; where one does not have the luxury of falling ill or getting into an emergency situation; where education and daily wages is aspirational; is the reality of most of the individuals, villages and communities we work with. This reality may be alien to the worlds we live in. In these modern times there exist several villages who cannot yet take even a light bulb for granted.

At some point in time every empathetic socially conscious person has wanted to play a role in facilitating a social impact project or contribute towards a cause that truly resonates with them. However, many a time it is a thought which may not have culminated into action due to constraints of access, time or lack of information regarding high impact projects.

At Mauna Dhwani we firmly believe that the collaborative contributions of like-minded empathetic individuals and professionals could go a long way in enabling marginalized sections of the community who only need a gentle nudge to navigate the socio-economic system.

In case you want to be the catalyst who wants to play a role in taking people from the voiceless economic and social environments that they are submerged in and lead them towards self-empowerment, please donate here.

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Note: Currently we are accepting donations from Indian citizens only.
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